Tips for Healing from Fibromyalgia

by Simla on May 18, 2011

Last Thursday, May 12th, was National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day.

I chose to post a series of free tips on how to heal from fibromyalgia on Twitter that day and got a few requests asking if I could please compile the tips all in one place for easier access. Your wish is my command! Here they are (below), straight from Twitter.

Of course, there are many facets to fibromyalgia and its usual companion, chronic fatigue syndrome. These tips are very high level and there are many more steps one must take to heal. However, these tips are a good start. Over time, as you weave all these pieces together and dig further to uncover your particular root causes and address those too with the right support, you will experience relief and, hopefully, full remission.

It takes determination, dedication, and a strong will to go through all these steps as well as courage and patience to see them through. These are not overnight fixes – there are none. Use these tips to guide your healing journey and know that it takes your whole being to truly experience full healing with this condition.

I share this not just as a practitioner who specializes in fatigue, fibromyalgia and other autoimmune conditions, but as a person who has lived through the nightmare of fatigue, fibro and many other complications and has come out on the other side, in full remission and health. The two links below will take you to two older blog posts where I began sharing my story and more lessons learned (but still haven’t gotten around to completing; note to self – need to finish my story…).

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Compilation of Twitter Tips for How to Heal from Fibromyalgia

To heal from #fibro: #1 Decide that you can and will. Everything begins with a decision. That was the first step for me & others who have.

To heal from #fibro: #2 Decide that you are NOT your fibro. It’s just an experience. It does not define who you are.

To heal from #fibro: #3 Eliminate gluten fr your diet & do elimination/challenge diet to determine which other foods trigger you.

To heal from #fibro: #4 Work thru emotional issues – the really deep ones. They’re hurting you & holding you back.

To heal from #fibro: #5 Be real w yrself: are you holding on to the Fibro? Is it serving you in some way? Or are u ready to let it go?

To heal from #fibro: #6 Get your sleep quality up. This is the chicken & egg conundrum. Dark shades, low room temp, magnesium all help.

To heal from #fibro: #7 Take generous amts of magnesium. Try a time-release version at 500-700mg / day or Mg shots to start.

To heal from #fibro: #8 Slowly wean off anything that stresses you out: news, shows, toxic “friends”, obligations u hate.

To heal from #fibro: #9 Let go of the perfectionsm. I mean perfectionism. ;)

To heal from #fibro: #10 Overachiever? Workaholic? Type A? Time to figure out why and release some of that tightness.

To heal from #fibro: #11 Eat and drink your dark leafy greens daily to reduce heat and inflammation & soothe your body.

To heal from #fibro: #12 Realize that healing from fibro is possible. It’s simple – but not easy. Treat it like a full-time job.

To heal from #fibro: #13 Start ur day w a protein-rich breakfast. Do NOT eat cereal, breads, carb-heavy meal for brkfast.

To heal from #fibro: #14 Do NOT skip meals, especially breakfast. Huge no no w/ #fibro & #CFS.

To heal from #fibro: #15 Eat green apples w skin on. Has malic acid & quercetin, both anti-inflammatory compounds to reduce pain.

To heal from #fibro: #16 Add a wide range of veggies to your diet, both raw & cooked, except nightshades -tomato,potato,eggplant,peppers.

To heal from #fibro: #17 Get your adrenal glands tested by a naturopathic or functional doctor (NOT a conventional MD). #CFS #MCS

To heal from #fibro: #18 Get tested for heavy metals by a naturopathic or functional MD & work w them to reduce your toxic load. #MCS #CFS

To heal from #fibro: #19 Realize you will have ups & downs on the healing journey. It’s ok, it will pass, you’ll feel better. #CSF #MCS

To heal from #fibro: #20 It’s ok to feel bad, but it’s not ok to feel bad about feeling bad. #CFS #MCS

To heal from #fibro: #21 Fibro is an inside-out job. You have to replenish deficiencies in ur body, mind AND soul. #CFS #MCS

To heal from #fibro: #22 Fibro can be the best worst thing that ever happened to you IF u listen to what ur body is trying to tell you.

To heal from #fibro: #23 Get ur Vit D3 levels checked. Chances r u are v low. Then consult w smone who REALLY knows supplements to correct.

To heal from #fibro: #23 Fatigue & pain w fibro & #CFS are reversible. Be thankful that fibro is not deadly. Takes time but can be done.

To heal from #fibro: #24 Surrender a bit. Don’t try to supress everythg w painkillers. Let ur pain tell u what’s happening in ur body.

To heal from #fibro: #25 Words & thoughts r powerful. Choose the good ones. Whining doesn’t fix anything; makes it worse.

To heal from #fibro: #26 Try to find practitioners who really get it. Who’ve been there, done that, healed from it #fibro #CFS #MCS

To heal from #fibro #27 Eat cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbages, etc.) to detox fr meds, heavy metals, toxic load #CFS #MCS

To heal from #fibro: #28 Switch fr table salt to sea salt & don’t be shy about eating salt if you have #CFS. Hydrate well to balance.

To heal from #fibro: #29 Drink plenty of filtered water, herbal teas, especially tulsi or holy basil tea. Wean off caffeine. #CFS #MCS

To heal from #fibro: #30 Sugar is not your friend. It’s highly inflammatory & messes w/ ur immune system. Wean off of refined sugars. #CFS

To heal from #fibro: #31 Last but not least: make peace w ur fibro. Work through it vs getting stuck in it. Know that it’s possible to heal.

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Nikki G. May 18, 2011 at 11:23 pm

This is great. Wondering how can a person that’s hypoglycemic avoid sugar?

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