The Last Live Delicious Cleanse – Coming Up!

by Simla on December 21, 2010

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Along with our transition to Boulder, I’ve decided that this next offering of the Delicious Cleanse will be the last one I offer live.

What does this mean for you? Get a move on!

While my private clients will always have my direct support in transitioning to a sustainable, healthier, more delicious way of eating and being, this is the last time I will host the Delicious Cleanse live as a group program.

So don’t cheat yourself of the opportunity to finally feel great. Take action now and sign up here to receive notification on Early Bird pricing and the dates as soon as I announce them.

The Delicious Cleanse is perfect for you if you’re feeling like this is – finally! – the year you will make lasting changes to your food habits and…

with my full guidance and support. Without EVER having to diet or deprive yourself again.

Ready? Sign up here to receive the Early Bird pricing and dates soon:


I look forward to helping you make this life-changing transition!

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