Talk. Not Treats: A Powerful Manifesto

by Simla on October 13, 2011

My brilliant client, entrepreneur Karri Flatla, recently penned a manifesto borne from her personal frustration as a parent to two young children, as a participant in a society that tends to take the easy way out by bribing with “treats” versus taking the time to talk and get to the core of what children (and the rest of us!) REALLY need.

I just read it and have massive goose bumps. Well said, Karri.

Here it is: Talk. Not Treats.

How do you handle the “treats vs. talk” situations you find yourself (and your children) in?

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emedoutlet October 21, 2011 at 3:55 am

Bribing withe treats may expensive at the long run in one or the other way. Talk is the best solution for any strife. Talk, talk, and talk, until you get to the better solution.

Good point.

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