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“Delicious Health’s S3 Program has been the missing link in my healing and health. While I previously did a diet “clean up”, it wasn’t until S3 that I really understood how even some of my food (and caffeine!) choices were contributing to inflammation, low energy levels, mood changes and more. The course covers so many interconnected topics, from time management to developing a life plan, all neatly tied together by Simla and her panel of experts. I continue to listen to the recordings, even two months after the class ended. S3 is truly a life-changing course that I highly recommend!”

- Deb R., 35, facilitator and community planner

“Fun, encouraging, inspiring.”

- W.M., 38, busy professional & Food-Mood Connection Workshop attendee

“I liked learning about the cause of false moods. The list of bad [mood] foods will be helpful so I know what to avoid. This presentation was a great introduction to the types of foods that have a positive and negative effect on our moods.”

- Name withheld for privacy, 32, Consultant & Food-Mood Connection Workshop attendee

“Your presentation was very, very informative. Just wonderful. Your wealth of information is fantastic! Come to this event if you want to live longer!!”

- Debi C., 52, Food-Mood Connection Workshop attendee

“I loved your use of statistics and historical information. It was a very clear and organized presentation. Come to this event to help make [your] life better and help others in [your] family. Food is one of the four things we need to survive – Simla will show you what may be holding you back from THRIVING.”

- Natalie M., 35, Entrepreneur, Artist, and Food-Mood Connection Workshop attendee

“I feel much more comfortable in my skin; I feel energized, focused, even more excited about life in general. And this is just after 30 days. I’m not afraid of backsliding, cravings, or giving in to old habits. Not because I won’t ever experience them again, but because I know what I need to do to get myself back on track and I know how good it feels – and how yummy it can be! – to be on that track. The moment I knew Simla really got into my head is when I was chilling out in front of the boob tube watching the host of Man vs. Food shovel down pounds of nachos while I was quite content munching on a bowl of kale chips….

[Simla is] such a positive, genuine spirit. And she’s SMART. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about nutrition; I’ve done extensive research and have talked to many professionals, yet I’ve never come across someone so astute and logical about an area of expertise that so many people think they understand yet so few really get.”

[Note from Simla: Stephanie also told me that her HEARING got better. Can you imagine, as a MUSIC professional? How cool is that?!]

~ Stephanie B., Music Industry Executive & Delicious Cleanse client

“Very good and detailed information. You gave some information about food which we normally do not hear.”

- Elliott Johnson, Chef & Food-Mood Connection Workshop attendee

“In working with Simla, my most significant takeaway is a deeper understanding that ‘everything is connected.’ I’ve never put all the components of my life together in such an integrated way before. First, I learned so much about the right foods to eat, but then when I realized this way of eating right (for ME), was actually connected to my productivity, to achieving my dreams, and living an abundant life, new light bulbs that have never even twinkled in my mind started lighting up. I am seeing and experiencing life in a whole new way, and am forever grateful for Simla’s gentle ‘wake-up call.’ “

- Suzanne Rielle, 47, busy mom & entrepreneur, S3 Program client

“Working with Simla has been an excellent adventure and education in nutrition, cooking, healing and wellness. I have learned to really listen to my body and trust my instincts about which foods are good for me, which are not so good, and which are truly debilitating. I have also extended a low-allergen diet to my family in hopes of preventing food intolerances to soy, corn, and gluten that can occur from overexposure in the Western diet. Thank you Simla for a new relationship with food!”

- Daniella T., Delicious Cleanse group client

“Excellent information for everyday people. There is something for everyone to take away.”

- Judy G., 35, Nutrition Consultant & Food-Mood Connection Workshop attendee

“Simla provides excellent advice for improving nutrition, health…and life! I have learned so much from her programs. The advice is easy to implement and Simla provides step-by-step guides on how to accomplish your health goals.”

- Sandra S., Private Client and Delicious Cleanse group client

“It was a pleasure to participate in the Sugar Blues teleclass. I am pleased to learn that there might be ways to address sugar cravings with activities. Along with that, I also realize it is one step in the path towards eating right and living well. Thank you for helping me get started!”

- Anita P., mid-30s, Entrepreneur

“I liked that you gave us actual “good and bad mood” foods during the session. I enjoyed the thorough explanations you went into on how these affect us. It makes me want to work with you even more and get more books! I would encourage others to attend because of how passionate you are about your material and how you go into detail and leave us with enough information to start making a change.”

- Clarisse K., 31, Freelancer & Food-Mood Connection Workshop attendee

“This was a great presentation in which I enjoyed your overview of addictive foods, things to avoid, and what foods are healthy and bring moods up. Thank you for sharing.”

- Anonymous, 43, Food-Mood Connection Workshop attendee

“What I liked best about this event is [Simla's] personality! Plus the statistics mixed with personal accounts are great. Would I encourage my friends to come to this event? Oh my yes!”

- Anonymous, 39, Food-Mood Connection Workshop attendee

“Great overview, interesting new information. It’s interesting to start thinking about food in terms of your mood. You’ll learn a lot of great things!”

- Carolyn Betts, Entrepreneur and CEO, Betts Recruiting & Food-Mood Connection Workshop attendee

“I am a person that has a passion for a healthy lifestyle and someone who prides herself on being quite knowledgeable about health and nutrition. The Sugar Blues class was not about restriction, but rather about revelation into human patterns and tendencies. It went beyond my expectations by delving into the science behind cravings and providing analysis and action tools for making small yet significant changes to my diet and lifestyle. As a competitive runner, I know that what I learned and will apply will help me regulate my energy for peak performance. I believe everyone has something to learn from Simla’s class that can complement his/her unique situation. I know I did! Thank you, Simla!”

- Casandra Nied, late 20s, Marathon Runner

“It was excellent!”

- Jennifer A., 39, attendee at an Eat Your Stress Away, the Right Way! Workshop

“[I was] feeling bombarded by nutritional advice but Simla’s seminar illuminated myths parading as facts that are likely sabotaging my current diet! If you don’t want to be a moody foodie, listen to Simla! The event was well-paced, reflecting Simla’s organization, mastery of the information, and passion for sharing healthful information!”

- Mark S. Plummer, 35, Self-Employed Publicist & Food-Mood Connection Workshop attendee

Legal Disclaimer: These are all genuine testimonials from our amazing clients. Every effort has been made to accurately represent our services and their potential benefits. Any claims made of actual benefits or examples of actual health results may not apply to the average individual and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Results will depend on the unique health conditions, health goals, and commitment level of the individual to apply recommendations, as well as other potentially unforeseeable events. As with any health condition, there is an inherent risk that health conditions and symptoms may worsen. Health conditions must always be monitored by your licensed physician(s) and other healthcare providers.

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