Simla’s Cooling Summer Soup

by Simla on August 17, 2010

Cooling. Easy. Delicious. Perfect after a long day at the beach or just to cool off from the summer heat. I created this recipe after craving watercress (yes, really!) for two days one recent summer.

Its ingredients are naturally cooling and support the usually overworked liver in detoxing, while providing lots of anti-oxidants to help prevent premature aging and natural body wear and tear. The healthy fats from the avocado will gently satiate you and are anti-inflammatory and happy-chemical-producing mini miracles.

Serves 2


½ small bunch of watercress

2 small green zucchini (peeled, if not organic)

1 medium cucumber (peeled, if not organic)

½ ripe avocado

½ large lemon’s juice

1 TBS fresh parsley

Sea salt to taste


  1. Blend
  2. Add ice cubes or cold water, to taste (but this isn’t necessary)
  3. Enjoy! Try not to lick the bowl. Or, what the heck, go ahead.


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This recipe is shared with you courtesy of Simla Somturk Wickless, MBA, CHC, CNE, and founder of Delicious Health, Inc. Simla is a health, nutrition, and lifestyle coach whose mission is to transform busy bodies into healthy, balanced beings (TM). Learn more about Delicious Health at or Have a deliciously healthy day!

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