Product Review: Rush Bowls. Better Than Ice Cream? You Decide!

by simla@delicioushealth on September 28, 2013

As you may know already, I’m always on the lookout for great new foods on the market. For me, “great” means healthy, delicious, free of artificial or genetically modified ingredients (GMOs), and free of the ingredients I and most of my clients need to avoid – in this case: gluten and most dairy. This one I discovered while I was waiting around for my friend as he got a haircut on The Hill in Boulder, near CU Boulder (1207 13th Street, Boulder, CO). I was hungry, it was that awkward in-between-meal-times time, and it was hot.

Rush Bowls 2

Lo and behold! Rush Bowls to the rescue!

Rush Bowls offer a variety of thick, delicious blends of all-natural fruits. Some come with extra protein (soy milk, whey protein), and some with coconut milk, honey, and gluten-free granola topping.

The folks at Rush describe these bowls of goodness as a “balanced meal-in-a-bowl”. Check them out here.

Their credo is: no artificial sweeteners, additives, preservatives, and no GMOs or MSG. My kind of credo. Bowl options include vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, and wheat-free. Yee-haa!

This discovery happened in 2011. I’m writing this in 2013. I still remember the perfect-ness of that cooling bowl of goodness. I had a Beach Bowl – their signature Acai Bowl served at the Boulder store. Ingredients: Acai, Banana, Mango, and pure Guava Juice. I skipped the hemp granola and honey that comes with the bowl because (1) I also don’t eat oats, and (2) the sweetness of the fruit was enough for me.

Why am I writing this now and not back in 2013? Because in the meantime, I discovered that a new friend of mine was a top honcho at Rush Bowls. When he found out how much I’d enjoyed my first Rush Bowl, he gave me a tour of the shop and let me try their other goodies. So, yes, I was spoiled. I got to sample a bunch of Rush Bowls I was able to take home with me. And because I finally have a new website to write this on (it was down for a while in reconstruction mode)!

So here’s how I would boil down Rush Bowls:

UpsidesRush Bowls 3

  • Delicious
  • Easy
  • Perfect any time of day
  • Several varieties, including those that cater to different dietary preferences and restrictions
  • “Clean,” natural ingredients – no unnecessary or unsavory sweeteners, additives, GMOs, or junk
  • Servings come in snack and regular sizes, with ingredients that are less (fruit only) and more (fruit + protein) filling
  • Overall healthy and a healthier option compared to ice cream and, in most cases, frozen yogurt


  • There really aren’t any. The one disclaimer I have to include here is that I wouldn’t define the fruit-only bowls as a “meal-in-a-bowl,” in particular for my clients who tend to live with chronic health conditions and for whom balancing their blood sugar is very important for controlling symptoms. In this case – if this is you – I would recommend you choose one of the bowls (such as the Power Bowl or Power Bowl mini) that has the soy milk / whey protein combination to give you more of the protein you need to balance your blood sugar. Capiche?

So, are they better than ice cream? I personally think so, yes.

Obama Rush


Rush Bowls got some great publicity when a university student spilled her Bowl on President Obama when he was visiting the CUBoulder campus. Read about it here. Except the item was wrongly billed as frozen yogurt! I guess even the best journalists can be mistaken at times.


If I put my entrepreneur/management consultant/hater-of-hospital-menus hats on, I am also enamored by Rush Bowls’ more recent move into institutional sales. What does that mean? It means they’re selling their products to hospitals! YAY!

I have long been a critic of hospital menus, which are packed with exactly the inflammatory foods that patients should avoid. (Hello – jello? Really? McDonald’s in the lobby and mac & cheese on the menu? Puh-leez.) Such a refreshing move on Rush Bowls’ part – and a brilliant business market for them to be in.

So, if you ever have the misfortune of being in a hospital, at least now you may have the good fortune of being comforted more healthfully – with a Rush Bowl.

Rush to get your own Rush Bowl…

Aside from their Boulder store, where I enjoyed mine, Rush Bowls are sold across the US in Whole Foods, King Soopers, and other markets. Check here if they’re available near you or order online.


Disclaimer: I am not financially compensated for saying any of these things. This is purely my unadulterated, unbiased opinion.

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