Product Review: Pure Indian Foods’ Organic Grass-fed Ghee

by Simla on June 7, 2011

The folks at Pure Indian Foods sent me a jar of their organic grass-fed ghee a while ago.

I frequently receive requests to review products, but unless I have an overall positive review of the product, I decline to post anything. Why send around bad karma? Maybe I’m too nice. Oh well.

These past few days, I finally had the occasion to really test-drive this ghee, as I’m doing short ayurvedic cleanse at home. Ghee is often used in Ayurvedic medicine as a healing food, and I believe is the prevalent source of fat / oils used in traditional Indian cooking, and it was a part of my cleanse.

Ghee is another name for clarified butter, which is butter that has had its solids – the milk sugars (lactose) and proteins (casein, whey) – removed. So, as a person who is mostly intolerant of cow dairy, I was able to thoroughly enjoy this butter with no side effects.

The best part about this particular ghee is that it is organic and comes from grass-fed cows. What does that mean?

And this ghee tastes fantastic.

And it’s a family-owned company.

And they even sell varieties of herb-infused and other ghees, which I can’t wait to try.

AND it’s made from non-homogenized, organic, grass-fed milk, which makes me want to sing.

And how cool is this (from their website):

“Made on full or waxing moon only: Ghee is considered a very sacred food in India. We make our ghee only on the waxing (“Shukla Pakchha”) or full moon (“Purnima”) days which are favorable times in the Vedic system. Ghee is believed to have “Soma”, the cooling and nourishing energy related to moon.”

What better energy to seek when most of us are stressed out and malnourished? Sounds like better-than-organic, biodynamic practices to me.

I can’t find any downsides to this product. Just try to eat it in moderation. ;)

What’s not to love?

Bottom line? Pick up a jar the next time you see it at your store. Better yet – if it’s not at your store, request from the Store Manager that they stock it.


Disclaimer: I am not financially compensated for saying any of these things. This is purely my unadulterated, unbiased opinion. I just received a free jar of the ghee from Pure Indian Foods.

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Jane June 8, 2011 at 8:08 am

Ghee has too much Saturated fat, which is very bad for your health!!!

simla@delicioushealth September 28, 2013 at 1:10 am

Hi Jane,

Actually – there is “bad” saturated fat, and there is “good” saturated fat. Saturated fat is essential for our health, including cell health and hormone and appetite regulation. The important thing is to focus on getting the appropriate amounts of the good saturated fats, exactly like this type of grass-fed organic ghee. Quality matters. What drives quality? The health of the animal it comes from (e.g. grass-fed cows vs conventionally-raised cows), if it’s an animal source. Other good saturated fats include those we get in trace amounts from nuts and seeds, and coconut oil.

So – do not cross out saturated fats categorically from your diet. You’d be doing your health a major disservice. Remember, though: the keys here are “appropriate amounts” and “quality”.

To your health,

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