Private Clients

“It’s been an epic 6 months of really large and yet sublime change… made so easy.”

- E.B., 43, high level senior executive at a large international consulting firm

“This [health profile analysis] is incredibly insightful feedback. THANK YOU. I feel like I’ve received more insight from you in 2 weeks than I’ve gotten in TWENTY years from conventional medicine. Even better though? I now feel more empowered to use conventional medicine to my advantage. That’s a big deal!”

- Karri Flatla, entrepreneur,

“For the first time in my life I am at peace with food. For me, this is huge. I have struggled with the question of what to eat since elementary school. My years pre-Simla progressively built up my confusion about what food I should be eating. After working with Simla, I know that I will never again feel guilty about the food I eat. I know what foods are good for my body, and how to cook them to make them taste amazing so that I don’t feel deprived. I love real food now. Simla is amazing at what she does. She is brilliant, inspiring, and passionate about helping people. I believe that she would find ways to improve the health and happiness of any person recommended to her.”

- T.M., 24, graduate student & autoimmune client

“Before working with Simla, I experienced fatigue in the middle of the day, sleepiness and was addicted to sugar and caffeine. I started to see results as soon as I started changing my eating habits – I started to feel more energy from the food I ate and I knew I was on the right track! I now have more energy that lasts through the day without having any caffeine and if my energy is low, I can identify the cause and prevent it. I also haven’t been sick as much and I have started to lose weight. Simla is very open and friendly and at the same time she is very knowledgeable and professional. Simla is very passionate about the work she is doing, therefore you are getting the best result possible from the whole process.”

- Julie, 24, Student & Future Finance Professional, private client

“After a life changing injury, I was ready for a clean start, not only in how I eat, but in everything I do to promote my health. Simla helped me understand what my goals were and how to achieve them realistically and taught me how to better support my life through food by working with me to design a way of eating that complimented my life and didn’t fit into a “healthy eating” box. I now better understand what my body needs to thrive and how to better balance my meals. Simla has been extremely supportive of my individual needs and invested in my education and my health.”

- Cary Matthews, 30, Student & Future Conscious Business/Nonprofit Professional, private client

“Simla provides excellent advice for improving nutrition, health…and life! I have learned so much from her programs. The advice is easy to implement and Simla provides step-by-step guides on how to accomplish your health goals.”

- Sandra S., Private Client and Delicious Cleanse group client

“Before working with Simla, I was experiencing joint pain, joint/muscle inflammation, fatigue, and inability to manage stress, which had been building in intensity over the last decade. Through my work with Simla, I’ve been able to diminish all my physical symptoms. I have an increased level of energy, I feel lighter as I move through my days, I feel beautiful and attractive, and I have a deeper understanding of the level of control I have over my well-being.”

- Cathy, late 30s, Entrepreneur & Private Autoimmune Client

“[What I liked best about the grocery store tour is] Content! Needs to be in everyone’s ‘life lesson’ toolkit.”

- Ayesha M., early 30s, Business Owner, Private Client & Grocery Store Tour attendee

“Working with Simla Somturk Wickless on matters of healthful eating is like sipping organic pear nectar on the Riviera under an umbrella in the warm sun; with very gentle waves awakening your entire psyche, feet first.”

- Timothy O’Connell, late 60s, Nurse

“By working with Simla, I gained a new appreciation for the saying ‘you are what you eat.’ She really taught me how the foods I eat affect the overall health of my body and how I feel – physically & mentally – as a result. She is a joy. Pure delight. And she really cares. Wants to help you learn and meet your goals. And very generous, too.”

- Kate V., 35, Journalist/Writer

“Working with Simla, I developed a diet to match my new workout routine, to allow me sufficient energy and to see the results of my exercise. I am less bloated and more toned as a result. People around me are adopting my new eating habits! Simla also helped me confirm which foods I am allergic to, and helped me modify my diet to feel better but still eat well. I have more consistent moods and feel like my ‘system’ is running cleaner. Simla is very knowledgeable, committed, supportive, and willing to investigate any health claims I had questions about. Thank you, Simla!”

- M.B., late 30s, Attorney & Private Client

“After being diagnosed at 27 with Breast Cancer, it wasn’t long before I realized it would transform my life. At the beginning everything was focused on the treatment and eradication of the cancer, and after a while, I realized that there was not much else available on how to cope with the side effects and other symptoms that the treatments caused…. Working with Simla gave me the tools to start listening to my body as well as the ability to understand what it needs. I immediately noticed the dramatic difference in my improved energy, mood, weight level, not to mention a renewed enjoyment and excitement for food…. By using the tools that I learned with Simla, I was greatly able to boost my immune system and was actually able to avoid getting sick and free of infection during the ordeal of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It could be luck, but I think everyone else I talked to was at least hospitalized once during their treatment. I beg to differ!

[Simla is] extremely patient and caring; amazing level of listening and consideration for what I say. Incredibly knowledgeable on everything you teach. Immensely passionate about food as healing. Very sincere and empathetic. A pleasure to work with!!!”

- P.B., 27, Startup Professional

“I have experienced visible results in my health and well-being. I feel better overall with less fatigue and more energy. My immune system is stronger, I get sick less often and if I do get sick – I get better faster…. My lifestyle is extremely busy and fast-paced and I found creative and easy ways to eat, which may involve cooking, preparing or simply buying, healthy meals even with this lifestyle. I also became more aware of my body, emotions and feelings and am able to influence them in a positive way…. More than anything, I discovered that I have the power to heal my body, by listening to it, feeding it healthy foods, exercising, giving it enough rest, controlling stress and negative emotions and focusing on positive in my life and being grateful for what I have.”

– Name withheld for privacy. Early 30s, Investment Banker

“There are so many wonderful and different foods in the supermarket that we don’t know much about, and I feel like [the grocery store tour] was a great opportunity to explore and discover how we could incorporate these into our nutrition program…. [I]t is a rare opportunity to find out all the great things you’d probably miss in a supermarket, plus a chance to answer any questions about those strange items you see.”

- P.B., 27, Startup Professional

“The amount of time spent in each section was perfect and very helpful with understanding the foods we eat on a daily basis. It’s so fun! A great way to share tips/tricks and fun new recipes with the other participants.”

- A. Garcia, late 20s, Grocery Store Tour Participant

Legal Disclaimer: These are all genuine testimonials from our amazing clients. Every effort has been made to accurately represent our services and their potential benefits. Any claims made of actual benefits or examples of actual health results may not apply to the average individual and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Results will depend on the unique health conditions, health goals, and commitment level of the individual to apply recommendations, as well as other potentially unforeseeable events. As with any health condition, there is an inherent risk that health conditions and symptoms may worsen. Health conditions must always be monitored by your licensed physician(s) and other healthcare providers.

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