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Explore the various ways in which Delicious Health® and Simla’s work have been highlighted:


The After Cancer Diet: How to Live Healthier Than Ever Before, by Suzanne Boothby
Several of Simla’s recipes are featured as part of this fantastic resource.

The New Green Grocer Cookbook, by Joe Carcione, edited by Pete Carcione
Several of Simla’s recipes are featured as part of this classic cookbook that has been updated for current times.

29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life, by Cami Walker
Simla has a cameo appearance as Cami’s friend and former client.

Radio and Interviews

Invited to speak in a line-up that included Dr. Patch Adams, Dr. Martha Beck, and Pamela Slim for The Joy Telesummit hosted by Indrani’s Light Foundation.

The Miracle of Food:  Simla is interviewed about her own healing journey and the miracle of food as a healer, by Alice Moore on Energy Talk Radio’s Coffee Meditations program.
Stream interview here.
Download interview here.

Print Publications

Commodity Continues to Expand Role as A Source of Creative Cookery and
Carcione’s Fresh Produce Counts Bananas Among Top Items,
both by Lora Abcarian in The Produce News, October 17, 2011
Simla shares her expertise on produce, specifically: going bananas for bananas!

Online Publications

Can Fax Tax Make Us Skinny?, by Zuzy Martin Lynch on
Simla contributes her expert opinion on whether a fat tax is the solution to the US obesity crisis.

The Chronic Pain Problem, by Laurie Wertich on
Simla contributes tips on what to do when someone you love is in chronic pain.

Nutritionist Helps Entrepreneurs and Professionals Stay on Target,
by Laura Colgan in The San Francisco Examiner
Simla’s work with busy entrepreneurs and professionals is highlighted.

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