Hey, United Airlines! Need my help designing your gluten-free menu?

by Simla on August 20, 2010

An open invitation to United Airlines. Call me! ;) 1.415.595.5775

Dear United Airlines:

My husband Andy (a recent 1K member) and I (formerly Premier Exec, currently trying to adjust to life as a non-status flier) were recently on an international flight returning home.

I am sensitive to gluten, so I had naturally requested a gluten-free menu. All was well… until breakfast. So here’s what went down:

I’m starving.
My tray arrives.
I look at the tray. I look at Andy. I look back at the tray.
I say, “They must be bringing the rest of my breakfast separately.”
I wait. I wait some more. Tired of waiting, I ask a flight attendant.
We’re told, “This is your breakfast.”
I snort out loud, I’m laughing so hard.

Here’s what constituted my gluten-free breakfast (see attached photo):

Gluten-Free Breakfast on United Airlines

Gluten-Free Breakfast on United Airlines

Seriously, United?

This left me thinking you need some help in planning your gluten-free menus. As a former management consultant and current nutritionist who really gets “gluten-free”, I can help. Like I said, call me!

Talk to you soon,


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