Hatching a Happy 2010: 7 Tips for Making New Year Resolutions Stick

by Simla on December 30, 2009

Here we are. Hellooooo 2010!

The new year tends to arrive with a lot of expectations. It’s a time to take stock, look ahead, and make plans. How can I make this year better?, we ask ourselves. How can I make myself better this year?

No pressure!

Actually, that’s what I dislike about new year resolutions. All this pressure to make grand plans and become this “new” you, just because it’s January 1st. Why not do it on March 2nd? [Did you know that New Year's Day was observed in March back in the day?]

It’s inspiring – and many who are well acquainted with success would probably say it’s a necessity – to have a vision for where you want to be in 2 months, 2 years, or 2 decades. But don’t just do it because it’s January 1st and everyone else says you should. Do it because you want to, because you truly are inspired. And don’t try to pile everything in on one day, promising yourself your goals will be met by Feb. 1st  – you’ll get overwhelmed or discouraged, and it likely won’t happen.

Here are some tips for making resolutions – on new year’s day or not – and making them stick:

  1. Start with a self-celebration. Set your timer for 10 minutes, sit down with a blank piece of paper, and write down every single big and little accomplishment you can think of. No editing. Just write. Yes, you can give yourself credit for walking the dog every morning at 5:30am, rain or shine. This will help you get in the can-do zone.
  2. Make a list of happy-making goals. Short or long, one item or one hundred, doesn’t matter as long as you’re happy with it. Then see which ones feel right for 2010 and say “a-ha!”.
  3. Decide if it’s want you really want or what you think you should want. Or what someone else thinks you should want. Trust me, the second and third ones won’t stick.
  4. Say it or write it out loud. To someone else. Stop talking to yourself and make a public statement about your goal – on your blog, to your best friend, to your mom, your office mate. Anybody and everybody who will listen. Then deliver. Otherwise you’re going to look like a flake if you don’t.
  5. Make it tangible. Start building your story around these goals. If your goal is to lose 10 pounds, what will your grocery list look like this week? There’s power in the written word. Get a cute notebook and a pen you can’t wait to use. Go to a coffee shop, get your decaf soy latte, and start dreaming. If you are visual and want to create something with your hands, make a vision board. It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon by yourself or with friends (make it a party!) in your dream zone. You can never dream too big. For a fun how-to guide, check out The Vision Board book, or check out Jennifer’s work over at Artizen Coaching for a gorgeous, inspiring way to get going on with your business dreams… Or, if you believe in the Law of Attraction, then head on over to this amazing community to make it happen: Co Creating Our Reality.
  6. Take inspired action. Act on it the minute you feel that belly urge telling you NOW! Do your research, make a call, throw out the cookies, go run around the block. Don’t let it fade. As the goddess of victory would say – just do it.
  7. Have fun with it. What’s the point if it’s all hard work and no play? Think of ways you can make your resolution fun. Create an “oops jar” – in goes $1 every time you “oops” and muck up your goal – then go catch a movie with a friend with all that moolah. On the flipside, think about ways you can reward yourself for incremental successes on your way to completing your goal? How about giving your goal a funny name? Laughing at yourself when you get too bent out of shape about it? It’ll make it easier to stick to it.

And, remember, new habits take time to establish themselves. You have to give those millions of brain synapses time to form and grow. Give it about two months and – with inspired, tangible, fun action – you may just look back on Dec. 31, 2010 and smile a big smile.


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