Delicious Sunday Smoothie with Orange Peel

by Simla on October 24, 2010

I just made what is possibly my best tasting smoothie ever and I wanted to share it with you all before I forget what I did.

Delicious, ridiculously nutritious, and easy…

Sunday Smoothie

Makes enough for 2.

Place in blender in this order:

1.5 cup filtered water
5 heaping TBS of full-fat organic plain yogurt
4 heaping TBS of ground flax seeds
2 tsp spirulina (or you can use liquid chlorophyll)
2 TBS frozen organic cherries (pitted!)
1/4 bag frozen mixed organic berries
2-3 TBS of chopped orange peel
2 small bananas

Then blend away and enjoy!

Yum. Just schlurping up the last of mine and wishing I had more…

The orange peel blew the flavor out into another stratosphere PLUS you get limonene, a nutrient/plant compound being studied for anti-cancer and other healing properties. We don’t get much of it in our diets as limonene is found mostly in the peels of citrus fruit. So here’s your chance.

I like to save and freeze orange peel for use in cooking, such as with a nice Orange Beef Stirfry, and this was an impromptu use of this tangy, welcome addition.

Warning:  You may want to skip the orange peel (which contains limonene) if you’re on certain prescription medications, as limonene impacts liver function (generally for the better) BUT may therefore interfere with the rate of or the overall absorbtion of:  coumadin, ibuprofen, cozaar, elavil, diflucan, and some others. That being said, the amount of limonene in this smoothie is a negligible nutritional amount, not a medicinal level of limonene.


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Have a deliciously healthy day!

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