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Our corporate and non-profit clients and partners have included the following forward-thinking organizations:





“Simla! How she connects to her audience – very personal and engaging! [I encourage you to attend her events because] it will empower you for you in every aspect, not just food.”

- Amy Whalen, Events Manager, Nonprofit Organization

“Very ‘deep’ information. Presenter wasn’t afraid of going against prevailing nutritional opinion. It’s very captivating. More info is conveyed in 1 hour than I  learned online in 6 months!”

- Corporate Private Workshop Attendee, 28, Senior Network Engineer

“Great information provided to participants with lots of examples. This woman is amazing! She absolutely knows her stuff!”

- Anna Foletta, Wellness Director, YMCA Embarcadero in San Francisco & frequent sponsor of Simla’s events

“I thought you handled the [group] session perfectly. Your time management, pace, and complexity of the information was perfect for the audience and format. I thought you struck an excellent balance with bringing in personal examples without coming across as “preachy”…. [Y]ou inspire me to find a calling, not just a job.”

- K.A., mid-30s, Corporate Executive

“Great new information – some surprising, all refreshing – about nutrition. Simla is very knowledgeable about the content and effects of food on our bodies. I’ll be able to put the information into practice right way! Thank you!”

- Corporate Private Workshop Attendee, Marketing Executive

“You give practical tips and recommendations that actually apply to everyday life. I really appreciated the scientific explanation of why the tips matter.”

- Lindsay M., 23, Corporate Workshop Attendee

“This was the most valuable session I’ve ever attended on health. A total affirmation!”

- Stacy B., 31, Corporate Workshop Attendee

“If you don’t know how to start on the path to living a stress-free life, attend this seminar – excellent tips! Very realistic and easy to follow tips on how to start and continue living a healthy lifestyle.”

- Name and Age Withheld, Corporate Workshop Attendee

“Very well presented with all statements and guidance backed up by medicine, science, etc. Great session geared perfectly to busy professionals. Have you ever felt tired in the middle of the day? Hungry right after eating? Unsure of what to eat on the road? Or perhaps you have an interest in learning more about how to eat for life, happiness & health. If so, I highly recommend checking Simla’s seminar out!”

- Claire G., 25, Corporate Workshop Attendee

“Simla’s enthusiasm is contagious. It is clear she cares about what she does. Her work is her passion and the key to her own health and happiness.”

- Name Withheld, 27, Corporate Workshop Attendee

“Great format of the presentation and structure. I also liked the clear synthesis of so much information.”

- Shannon Graham, 39, Associate Director at a top consulting firm & Corporate Workshop Attendee

“I thought this was a really interesting, useful workshop. Well delivered. Simla is fun and knows a lot. I learned a lot in just an hour and feel equipped to make some immediate lifestyle and nutrition changes.”

- Name Withheld, 43, Corporate Workshop Attendee

“I learned that being healthy does not have to be hard or expensive!”

- Name Withheld, 31, Corporate Workshop Attendee

“Simla has been a consultant in the corporate world so she understands the lifestyle and has reasonable suggestions. Plus she’s awesome!”

- Joanna Gubman, 24, Senior Consultant and Corporate Workshop Attendee

“Presenter made it very interesting, inspiring, and entertaining while communicating valuable info. I have a number of takeaways!”

- Scherryl Antoniadis, Corporate Workshop Attendee at Top Consulting Firm

Legal Disclaimer: These are all genuine testimonials from our amazing clients. Every effort has been made to accurately represent our services and their potential benefits. Any claims made of actual benefits or examples of actual health results may not apply to the average individual and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Results will depend on the unique health conditions, health goals, and commitment level of the individual to apply recommendations, as well as other potentially unforeseeable events. As with any health condition, there is an inherent risk that health conditions and symptoms may worsen. Health conditions must always be monitored by your licensed physician(s) and other healthcare providers.

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