Artichoke Hummus

by Simla on May 18, 2011

Gluten-Free, High-Nutrient Snack for All Ages!

My dear friend Amy is our guest contributor for this deliciously healthy and easy recipe. She and I met in high school overseas. After sharing much fun and many foibles over the years, we remain close friends.

Amy was waaaay into healthy eating and cooking waaaay before I even learned how to not burn soup. To this day, she is always an inspiration. And I still credit her for being the person who turned me on to avocados about 10 years ago with her home-made guacamole. YUM.

Today, I asked Amy to share with us a super-simple recipe that is gluten-free, fast, easy, and kid-friendly.

Really – what more could you want?

And now, let’s hear from Amy…


I am always on the lookout for healthy snacks for our family. Veggie dips are a natural choice, but commercially prepared hummus can get expensive.

My go-to recipe for homemade hummus is a surprisingly easy artichoke hummus from the Food for Friends cookbook. Fast and yummy, this hummus is a great way for my girls to eat veggies and is thick enough to spread on sandwiches in place of mayo. If you are an over-achiever, please feel free to use fresh artichokes and garbanzo beans from scratch. I use canned products because these two items are no- or low-sodium and speed up the process significantly.


1. In a mini food processor, combine:

2. Blend and serve with cucumbers, pepper strips, carrots or rice cakes.

3. Refrigerate and keep for up to three days.

For a variation, you may substitute navy beans for the garbanzo beans.


About the Guest Contributor

Amy Charest is AmyOnThePrairie, a midwestern work-at-home mommy of two, former world traveler, and comfort foodie. She blogs about cooking for her family and other things that float her boat, like crusading to bring Top Chef to Minneapolis.

Follow her on Twitter (@AmyOnThePrairie) and on Facebook.

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