Dirty Detox Secrets! Complimentary Teleseminar on Tuesday, April 13th

by Simla on April 6, 2010

Busy Professionals, Entrepreneurs
& Fellow Peeps Living with Autoimmune:

Delicious Health invites you to…SimlaCPMCnavy

“Dirty Detox Secrets: Why Most Detoxes and Cleanses Backfire &

10 Tips for Finding One that Really Works”

A complimentary teleseminar from Delicious Health ~ we like FREE!

DATE: Tuesday, April 13, 2010

TIME: 6 PM Pacific / 7 PM Mountain / 8 PM Central / 9 PM Eastern

This call will be recorded and shared with you later (as an MP3 that you can download) if you register but cannot attend the call live.

Join me, Simla Somturk Wickless, MBA, CHC, CNE ~ a health, nutrition & lifestyle expert and founder of Delicious Health ~ for a brand new teleseminar!

I want to share with you information I deeply believe you need to have.

Detoxes and cleanses have been all the rage the past few years and I’ve kind of had enough of seeing unhealthy, harmful ones making the rounds.

I am especially concerned for you busy bodies out there who are out there making things happen. Most detoxes and cleanses are going to wipe you out, stress your body out even more, and totally backfire. Who wants to end up worse than when they started out? Not you!

I am also hoping my fellow autoimmune peeps will heed this call as well (literally!). Living well with an autoimmune condition demands that you eat the right foods for you. These inappropriate detoxes and cleanses (parading as “healthy for everyone” with juicing, vegan/vegetarian, soups, smoothies, etc.) could be compromising your immune system further and flaring up your symptoms even more in the long run. I should know. I live (very well ~ in full remission) with more than one autoimmune condition, including fibromyalgia and undifferentiated connective tissue disorder. Yeah, say that ten times fast.

If you’ve ever done or wanted to do a cleanse or detox, you need to be on this call!

Is all detoxing and cleansing wrong for you? NO!

Just the opposite ~ the right detox/cleanse can be extremely beneficial and set you up for a life-time of feeling great if done right and done well.

And there is an easy way to find the right detox / cleanse for you.
And I will share all the juicy details on HOW on this call.

Join us on this one-time call to discover:

This is the real deal, folks. You’ll never need another Cleanse ever again. I mean that.

Oh, and even if you’re not interested in bullet # 3 above, you will benefit greatly from the information on this call and save yourself a lot of grief in the future.

This is THE call to get you feeling great, looking great, and on the road to conquering your nutrition confusion.

Are you READY?!?!?

Space is limited on this call. Go ahead and register now to secure your spot.

NOTE: THIS CALL IS NOW OVER… but… you can still sign up and you’ll get the recording right away! If you listen to it before April 16, 2010, you’re in for a special low Early Bird offer on the Delicious Cleanse. Don’t miss out.


You will receive the call details immediately after you sign up, as well as reminders closer to the call.

You’ll also receive the call recording to listen to at anytime, soon after the call takes place.

Can’t wait to talk to you soon!

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Simla Somturk Wickless, MBA, CHC, CNE
Founder & Chief Eating Officer, Delicious Health, Inc.

About Simla & Delicious Health, Inc.

Simla is a holistic health coach, nutrition educator, and speaker whose specialty is transforming Busy Bodies into healthy Balanced Beings TM so that they can enjoy deliciously fulfilling lives.

She works with busy professionals and autoimmune clients internationally, combining the latest scientific research with traditional approaches.

She loves inspiring her clients to take action and make lasting changes to increase energy, tame stress, find their natural weight, and promote self-healing… for good.

Simla lived the crazy-busy lifestyle of a management consultant for almost a decade and was a Busy Body herself. Her resulting health crisis and ensuing recovery led her to discover and want to share the healing powers of food and self-care. You can find out more about both Simla & Delicious Health here on this blog or at www.EnjoyDeliciousHealth.com.

Questions? Feel free to contact us at hello(at)EnjoyDeliciousHealth(dot)com.

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