Announcing The New Greengrocer Cookbook – Veggies Made Delicious

by Simla on November 2, 2010

This past year, I was honored to be a contributor to this classic cookbook, updated for 2010: “The New Greengrocer Cookbook“. You will see several of my own favorite recipes in there, such as Celery Root Celebrated.

As you probably know by now, I LOVE veggies. All kinds. And that’s what you get in this cookbook – creative recipes for the whole family that make eating your healthy veggies deliciously easy.

The New Greengrocer Cookbook” is the modern consumers’ guide to eating and cooking with the freshest fruits and vegetables. Pete Carcione, author and president of Carcione Fresh Produce Company, is sharing recipes and tips on the ripe and ready harvest for every season. Carcione’s extensive knowledge gives readers insight on how to choose the perfect produce.

Pete Carcione’s father, Joe Carcione, wrote the first edition of ”The Greengrocer Cookbook” in the 1970s. Continuing that family tradition, Pete’s focus is educating individuals on the benefits of maintaining a healthy diet through buying, growing, and preparing the freshest produce. The current edition of “The New Greengrocer Cookbook” includes original recipes from 13 new chef contributors, including yours truly!

For more information about Pete Carcione, The New Greengrocer Cookbook, and its contributors, please visit

Better yet – buy the book on today and 10 cents goes to support St. Cecilia’s Fund for victims of San Bruno fires.

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