All About Cleansing & Detoxing: Answers to Your Most Common Questions

by Simla on May 6, 2010

I get asked about cleanses and detoxes all the time. They’ve gotten very popular over the past few years and the sheer choice and variety can be confusing and overwhelming. What’s a busy body to do?

Well, here are the answers to the most common questions I’ve been getting from you – short, sweet, and to the point.

Post a comment and let me know if you have any additional questions I haven’t addressed, ok?

Note: I’m using the terms cleansing / detoxing interchangeably.

What is cleansing / detoxing?

A diet-based cleanse/detox is a purposeful way of eating designed to help prevent toxins from going into your body and remove existing toxins from your body.

You are said to be cleansing or detoxing when you follow such a way of eating.

At the very core, a well-designed cleanse will:

Beyond that, cleanses / detoxes can be designed to achieve additional goals. The Delicious Cleanse, for example, is designed to additionally help you:

When should I think of doing a cleanse / detox?

The best times to consider doing a detox / cleanse are when:

When should I NOT do a cleanse / detox?

There are certainly times when a cleanse / detox is not a good idea, unless it’s specifically designed by a trained professional for your particular situation (such as how the Delicious Cleanse is designed ~ for busy, stressed-out professionals and those living with autoimmune or other chronic health conditions). At the very least, you should check with your doctor and/or other trusted health practitioner if and when you:

For example, I do a thorough health history and health goals review with all my clients on the Delicious Cleanse. This type of precaution should be a part of any well-designed cleanse.

Other times you probably shouldn’t do a cleanse/detox are:

There are so many cleanses out there ~ are they all gimmicks?

Some definitely are, some definitely aren’t, and some are in between: they have good parts but leaving you hanging. You need to do your homework and pick one that’s (a) designed well, (b) is right for YOU, and (c) will actually benefit you, make you healthier, and NOT backfire, leaving you worse off than when you started.

Your context and environment is important too. There are cleanses that should only be done when you are at a well-managed retreat in a calm place without too much activity (not in the office or with a crazy-busy lifestyle or when training as an athlete) and then there are cleanses you can do anytime, especially if you’re busy or live with a chronic condition (like the Delicious Cleanse).

How will I feel during or after a cleanse/detox?

If the cleanse is designed INCORRECTLY, you may experience some of the following negative side effects:

If the cleanse is designed CORRECTLY, you are likely to experience:

There are times during a well-designed cleanse that you may experience (temporary) headaches, crabbiness, and other signs that the cleanse is actually working, but the underlying reasons are very, very different, and these symptoms tend to resolve pretty quickly ~ ask a nutritionist you trust on how to tell the difference if you’re experiencing these things but aren’t sure whether they’re “right” (and not all nutritionists are created equal either ~ I know of some who are hooked on caffeine or sugar themselves or recommend diet drinks and the like to their clients, which I don’t).

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Until next time ~ have a deee-licious day! =)


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