No-Deprivation Diets & The 3 Levels of Evolutionary Eating ™

by Simla on March 16, 2011

If you think all diets are cringe-worthy, think again. A good “diet” is one that is deliciously varied, flexible, rich, and that works for your unique body and lifestyle. Evolving your relationship with food can help you stop with the fads, restrictions, and “shoulds” and discover a way of eating that your body, taste buds, and life can all thrive on.

Delicious Health Presents The 3 Levels of Evolutionary Eating TM

Level 1: Impulsive The most primitive way of eating with very low bodily awareness. You go by the dictum “I want” and make choices mostly based on perceived convenience and immediate gratification. Often lends itself to mindless or emotional eating, unwanted weight gain, burnout/fatigue, and a host of chronic health issues.

Level 2: Inhibited Eating impulsively usually puts you in this bucket, which is driven by “shoulds,” calorie counts, deprivation, and strict rules. It is restrictive and can result in hunger, binges, dismay, and an overall contentious relationship with food. You may lose weight or feel better at first, but it’s temporary.

Level 3: Intuitive You’ve decided you’re ready for something better. You develop full-body awareness and make empowered, mindful choices built around real, whole foods that work for you specifically. When you get here – and it’s easier than you think! – your taste buds wake up. Your energy is on fire. Your moods blossom. You reach and maintain your natural weight equilibrium easily. Your way of eating is no longer a mere “diet” – it becomes a way of being. You feel full and fully present to your life.

Are you ready?


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Simla Somturk Wickless, founder of Delicious Health, is a holistic health coach, nutritionist, healthy life/work expert, writer, and speaker who works with women entrepreneurs, professionals, businesses, and autoimmune clients worldwide. She inspires, educates, and enables her clients to make lasting changes to increase energy, tame stress, find their natural weight, and promote self-healing for good. Learn more at or call 1-877-211-0220 for a complimentary 30-minute Delicious Health Discovery Session.

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